Anthropologist and women’s studies expert will discuss women and food for Assembly Series’ Olin Conference lecture

Carole Counihan, anthropologist and women’s studies expert, will discuss women and food at the Olin Conference lecture at 11 a.m. Wed, October 2. The lecture is part of the Washington University Assembly Series, which is free and open to the public. It will be held in Graham Chapel, located just north of Mallinckrodt Center (6445 Forsyth Blvd.) on the Washington University campus.

Counihan is a professor of anthropology and acting director of women’s studies at Millersville University, Millersville, Penn. For more than twenty years her research focus has been food and culture studies. Much of her ethnographic research has been in Sardinia and Florence, Italy. With her husband, fellow anthropologist Jim Taggart, she is currently conducting a long-term history project on food and gender identity in the San Luis Valley of Colorado.

Her first book, The Anthropology of Food and Body: Gender, Meaning and Power, was published in 1999. She has edited several compilations, including Food in the USA: A Reader; Food and Gender: Identity and Power; and Food and Culture: A Reader. Currently, she is working on her second book based on her research findings in Florence.

Counihan earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Stanford University and a doctoral degree in anthropology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. In addition to teaching women’s studies and anthropology, her courses include Latino and African-American studies.

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