Health benefits open enrollment starts May 1

Once again, it’s time to review the University’s health plan options.

Eligible faculty and staff have the opportunity every May to enroll, change or cancel their health or dental-only plans with no pre-existing condition exclusions. Changes made during this year’s open enrollment will be effective from July 1, 2003, through June 30, 2004.

For fiscal year 2004, the same current health and dental-only plans will be available; there will be no reduction in health benefits and there will be no mandatory re-enrollment by all employees.

For those employees who wish to continue their current health or dental-only plan and coverage level, no enrollment action is required.

However, for those employees who wish to enroll, change or cancel their health plans, consider the following sources of information:

• The “Enrollment Checklist” section of the health open-enrollment brochure;

• The human resources Web site,, for health-carrier sites and provider listings;

• Carrier Days May 6-8 to meet with plan representatives; and

• Benefits department employees.

During the last week of April, health open-enrollment brochures will be sent to the campus boxes of active employees and to the home addresses of retired and disabled employees. All employees are encouraged to read the information included in the brochure, especially two new sections — “What’s New” and “Helpful Benefit Tips.”

Employees should take a moment to review the University’s six health plans and one dental-only plan to confirm that their current enrollment is appropriate.

For more information, contact your benefits office.