Mild-asthma study needs pediatric volunteers

Researchers in the School of Medicine need volunteers to participate in a national study to determine which medication should be used first to treat children with mild asthma.

The Pediatric Asthma Controller Trial will evaluate three popular medications (Singulair, the Advair Discus inhaler and the Flovent Discus inhaler) to find out how well they control mild asthma. The randomized study will determine the percentage of days without asthma for each drug during the 12-month treatment period.

The multicenter study is funded by a $25 million grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Robert C. Strunk, M.D., the Donald Strominger Professor of Pediatrics, is the principal investigator of the St. Louis site.

To qualify for the study, children can be taking an asthma medicine (such as Singulair or Flovent) regularly or using only albuterol to combat their symptoms.

Each child’s progress will be monitored for one year through seven or eight visits that will include physical examinations and blood, breathing and allergy skin tests. They will also receive three follow-up phone calls.

Medical care received in the study and asthma medications are free. Patients will receive $50 for each visit and $15 for each phone call.

For more information, call 286-1173.