Nutrition information available online

With more people watching what they eat, University Nutrition is providing an easy way to count calories while still being able to enjoy the delicious food offered on campus.

The office’s Web site — — gives members of the University community the opportunity to learn more about healthy eating and to see the nutrition information in foods served on the Hilltop Campus.

“The goal is for people to use the Web site information to plan what they eat in order to meet their health goals,” said Connie Diekman, director of University Nutrition. “The site provides nutrition information in the form of a nutrition facts label, so that food label readers can very easily relate to the information.”

The labels featured on the Web site are exactly like those found on the labels of most food products, displaying calories, fat and cholesterol content, vitamins, etc.

The site provides a quick and easy way for students, faculty and staff to get the facts on calories, learn about vitamins and minerals and read about the food pyramid. There also are links to the American Dietetic Association’s Tip of the Day and to Web sites that provide information on vegetarianism, balancing nutrition and diet components.

“Of course, the most exciting part is the link to the campus menus,” Diekman said. “Not only can you see what is being served but also you can get nutrition information and ingredients for every food service location on campus.”

The site provides nutrition information for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Bear’s Den and Center Court in Wohl Student Center, Mallinckrodt Student Center and The Village, giving people a way to make better food choices and eat healthier meals.