Student speaker excels via academics, service

As soon as he stepped foot on campus his freshman year, Jason Green knew that Washington University was the place for him.

“It was a very welcoming community,” Green says. “I felt like I belonged here. Not only did the University community receive me, but I thought it was a community where I could truly thrive.”

Jason Green
Jason Green

And thrive he has. Green, today’s student Commencement speaker, has earned two undergraduate degrees — in political science from Arts & Sciences and in finance from the Olin School of Business.

In addition, Green served as an Arts & Sciences senator, Student Union vice president and senior class president. He played varsity soccer for two years and served as a teaching assistant and peer adviser.

Green enjoyed giving back to the community. He tutored about 15 hours a week at Beaumont High School and Williams Middle School in St. Louis, helping students with communication arts and social studies.

Yet he still made the Dean’s List and was named to the Golden Key International Honour Society and Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science honorary.

“Someone as multifaceted and appealing as Jason is not easy to portray, especially in a few words,” says Marvin J. Cummins, Ph.D., associate professor of political science and Green’s academic adviser. “Jason is a whole, captivating experience.

“On the one hand, he is a joyous bundle, full of charm, warmhearted sincerity, good humor and energy. And on the other, he is a dedicated, serious and honorable young man committed to unselfish and generous purposes.”

Green plans to eventually attend law school. But after graduating today, the Gaithersburg, Md., native plans to work in Washington, D.C., for about a year.

With all he was involved in at the University, working a full-time job might actually seem like a break. But as always, there’s a motive behind his plan.

“I want to have a little bit more perspective on the world before I go to law school,” he says. “If I went to school right now, I’d sort of be going through the motions. I want to really appreciate that experience, and I think working for a year or two will be very positive.”

He has political aspirations and hopes to find work as a legislative aid or in a legal office. He’d like to get involved in some capacity with a political campaign.

Past experiences should help a lot. Green worked in summer 2002 as deputy campaign manager for two county councilmen in Washington, D.C. He also served as a student coordinator during the 2000 presidential debate held at the University.

Green enjoyed his year as president of the senior class, even though it was tough at times.

“I appreciate all my experiences as a student leader because they have all helped to strengthen my communication skills and have helped me understand different points of view,” he says.

When Green wasn’t studying, tutoring or planning events, he was reading and hanging out with his friends.

“I love to read. I also love people,” he says. “Being able to be there for my friends and for other members of the senior class is something I’m quite proud of.”