Construction Update

Construction Update is published periodically and provides information about the progress of major University building and renovation projects on the Hilltop, Medical and West campuses. Information is provided to the Record by facilities management.

Earth and Planetary Sciences Building

As the concrete structure is completed, the focus shifts to the building shell and interior. The masonry contractor has continued with the installation of exterior CMU walls and has begun the stone facade. Structural steel continues with stair installation, roof steel and metal decking. The roofing is quickly progressing to provide dry conditions for interior work. Partition framing continues on all levels, and drywall will begin soon in the lower level. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors continue to work from the lower level up to the third floor. In the coming months, work will continue to focus on enclosing the building.

Olin Library

The two lower levels, Levels B and A, and Level 2 are complete and occupied. Abatement of the south portion of Level 1 is under way. The Level 1 atrium upper portion of the “tree” — a structural steel column in the cyber café — has been completed, and the computer flooring and HVAC is being installed in preparation to be used for temporary space. The Level 1 building exterior, the new entrance and curtain wall have been completed, and the site work has begun. Abatement on Level 3 is in progress. The roof and penthouse HVAC work is continuing.

Phase III Housing

The masonry is complete at the west and north elevations and is winding down at the south and east elevations. The caulking and flashing continue. The west side of the promenade has been placed. The drywall is complete and the finishes continue at the second and third floors. The flooring is complete up to the second floor. The air-handling equipment is charged and op-erating.

Shepley Drive extension

The new road section from Shepley Drive to Wallace Circle has been excavated to sub-grade. The underground utilities are being installed from south Shepley Drive in a northerly direction to Forsyth Boulevard. Work on the north side of Forsyth is progressing without closing entrances. New entrance changes will be substantially complete before the Chauvenet Way and Houston Way entrances on Forsyth are closed. The new road base and asphalt paving are scheduled for substantial completion before the fall semester starts.