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Brookings plaque
WUSTL archives

During the University’s centennial celebration, on October 10, 1953, representatives of the First Unitarian Church of St. Louis — the church William Greenleaf Eliot founded — presented the University with a plaque commemorating Eliot’s achievements and contributions to the community. Eliot, who co-founded the University, is also recognized on the plaque for his service as the first chairman of the board and the third chancellor. The plaque, embedded in the ground beneath the Brookings Hall archway, includes one of Eliot’s well-known quotations: “Those who come nearest to truth come nearest to God.” Pictured here are (from left) Ethan A.H. Shepley, acting chancellor and chairman of the board; Ralph Fuchs, an alum and former faculty member, at the time a professor of law at Indiana University; Ralph Hunsche, president of the board of trustees, First Unitarian Church of St. Louis; and Arthur Holly Compton, who had recently retired as chancellor.

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