Doctoral education forum hosted by GWB

As part of the University’s Sesquicentennial celebration, the George Warren Brown School of Social Work will host “Shaping the Future of Doctoral Education in Social Work: National Meeting of Doctoral Programs in Social Work” Oct. 17-18.

“Through hosting this meeting, we will be able to celebrate over 50 years of doctoral education at GWB in addition to discussing national issues in social work Ph.D. education,” said Nancy Morrow-Howell, Ph.D., professor of social work and chair of the GWB doctoral program.

This is the annual meeting of the Group for Advancement of Doctoral Education, an organization whose members are directors of established social work/social welfare doctoral programs at accredited universities. It was founded nearly 25 years ago to provide a forum for sharing ideas and strategies and for strengthening members’ efforts at enhancing doctoral education.

Marvin Peterson, Ph.D., professor of higher education at the University of Michigan, will give the conference’s keynote address, “The Corporatization of the University: Implications for Doctoral Education.”

Additional topics that will be covered throughout the conference include student attrition, interdisciplinary structures, funding for doctoral students, the job market and preparing students for academic responsibilities.

The meeting is closed to the public. For more information, call 935-6605.