Student, administrator seminar to focus on leadership, community

Forty-five students and several administrators will meet Jan. 22-23 to discuss issues facing the University community and to develop an action plan for making meaningful change on campus.

The seminar, titled “Redefining Community Experience,” is sponsored by the Office of Student Activities and was planned in conjunction with a student steering committee.

Organizers hope the seminar will provide students with an opportunity to examine the University through the lens of leadership and diversity. Activities are planned to inspire conversation and positive action.

“I hope that students will gain a true appreciation for the many backgrounds, experiences and ideas that surround us every day at WUSTL,” said David Ader, Student Union president and member of the steering committee. “We all live and work side by side, but are often so busy that we aren’t able to realize the value of the people surrounding us, or even our own role within the community.

“This retreat will hopefully spark those conversations and inspire positive action on campus.”

Those who attend can expect spirited discussion surrounding topics of community, leadership and diversity. There will also be time for personal reflection and exploration of commonalities and difference across societies, cultures and nations.

The facilitators, Felicia Lee and Jonathan Pollard, are well-known leadership and diversity trainers from California. They plan to challenge seminar participants and provide an interactive and intense experience.

“Redefining Community Experience” is free to all students who signed up by the Dec. 18 deadline, including overnight accommodations, meals and transportation to Mercy Center, the site of the seminar.