Washington University business professor elected to Econometric Society

Jeroen Swinkels of Olin School named to elite group

Jeroen Swinkels, August A. Busch, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Managerial Economics and Strategy in the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis, was elected a fellow of the Econometric Society in December 2004.

Jeroen Swinkels
Jeroen Swinkels

With a worldwide membership, the Econometric Society is the most prestigious society in the field of economics. Over the past decade, only about 15 candidates per year have been elected as new fellows.

Econometric Society fellows must have published original contributions to economic theory or to statistical, mathematical, or accounting analyses that bear on problems in economic theory. The society publishes the journal Econometrica, the premiere journal for this field.

Swinkels’ current research focuses on the properties of large auctions and the optimal design of incentive schemes. Other research includes theoretical work on the foundations of game theory, work on how people learn in strategic situations, study of the evolutionary foundations of preferences, and applications of game theory to understanding a variety of economic situations, including the use of education to signal ability, and the behavior of firms in strategic settings.