Innovation, entrepreneurship and the future of St. Louis’ economy to be the subject of kick-off speech for the 2005 Olin Cup Entrepreneur Competition

The economic future of St. Louis as well as the nation hinges on successful innovation and entrepreneurship—fueling the growth of small and large businesses. That’s part of the message Dr. Bill Peck will deliver on Thursday, February 10, as he kicks off the 2005 Olin Cup Entrepreneur Competition at Washington University.

Peck is former dean of Washington University School of Medicine and is currently director of the university’s Center for Health Policy. This will be Peck’s first address as the new chair of Technology Gateway, a regional economic development organization advancing the region’s technology-based economy.

William Peck
William Peck

In his talk Peck will explore our definition of “entrepreneur” and examine the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship to education, medical and social progress. Peck will also challenge economic development policies and the current focus on corporate America.

“Building an environment that supports the growth of the innovation and entrepreneurial economy should be our single, greatest economic priority,” said Peck.

The Olin Cup awards up to $75K a year in seed capital investments for promising business ventures. The Competition matches entrepreneurial students with alumni from Washington University and others in the community. The goal is to connect the St. Louis and Washington University communities by expanding opportunities for learning, innovation, and economic development, and build a vibrant economy in the region.

Peck’s talk will be Thursday February 10th at 4:30 pm in May Auditorium at Simon Hall, located off of Forsyth between Big Bend and Skinker.