MetroLink construction limits University Drive parking

For approximately the next three weeks, parking will be a little more difficult than usual along a portion of University Drive just north of Forest Park Parkway.

For a project started Feb. 18, Metro is receiving deliveries of materials on extremely large trucks. The materials are being used in the construction of the tunnel areas east of Big Bend Boulevard.

These trucks have to access the work site by crossing from the westbound Forest Park Parkway lane (currently used by University traffic to get to the garage at Throop Drive) over the McCarthy work area onto University Drive. The trucks then have to turn west on University Drive and travel to the delivery sites.

If vehicles are parked in front of the buildings at 6639-6811 University Drive, the trucks can’t make the turn safely, and the vehicles are in significant danger of being hit.

The parking restrictions are in place from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday, and notices have been posted noting the restrictions.

Additionally, laminated “No Parking” signs have been posted on construction barrels in the area to further warn people to avoid parking there.

Cars found parked in the area through the length of the restriction will be towed.

“Metro has temporarily prohibited daytime parking in order to accomplish safe construction operations,” said Cathie Farroll, Cross County Link project communications manager. “We would hope to avoid having to tow any cars, but the trucks have to be able to deliver the required materials.

“We appreciate the University’s cooperation and efforts to notify the resident students and provide other parking for them on an interim basis.”

For more information or concerns about this or any other aspect of MetroLink’s construction, e-mail or call 923-3050.

Project updates can be found online at