Stalker Prize goes to Mahadevan, Weiss

The 2005 Stalker Prize, given in honor of Harrison D. Stalker, Ph.D., a dedicated WUSTL biology teacher and scientist with an exceptional interest in the arts and humanities, was awarded to Navin Mahadevan and Elliott Weiss.

The award was given for their outstanding academic performances and diversity of courses taken at the University.

Both have done notable research in the School of Medicine and both have traveled abroad extensively.

Mahadevan’s involvement in community service was his participation in Feed St. Louis, a student-run organization that serves homeless and women’s shelters. He has also been very active in writing and directing cultural dance productions for Ashoka, the University’s Indian student group.

Weiss has been involved in many WUSTL community projects, but his greatest commitment has been as a counselor with the Sexual Assault and Rape Action Hotline, or SARAH, which is dedicated to helping students cope with sexual abuse.