Hoffner, Underwood are ‘administrators of the year’

The competition was tight — so tight, in fact, that Student Union (SU) voted to award two Administrator of the Year awards instead of its traditional one.

Steve Hoffner, former assistant vice chancellor for students and director of operations, and now executive vice president of Quadrangle Housing Co., and Lisa Underwood, manager of parking and transportation services, were selected.

“(Student Union’s) Executive Council felt so strongly about both of these administrators that we decided to give them both an award,” said SU Vice President Pam Bookbinder.

Hoffner and Underwood were recognized for going above and beyond the call of their normal administrative duties, especially when the students are involved.

“We chose to give the award to Steve Hoffner because of his dedication to changing things on campus for the better, and for his consistent hard work and dedication with Student Union,” Bookbinder said. “Whenever a Student Union representative needs help with something, we always seem to point them to Steve because he is so helpful.

“(Steve) was truly concerned about what students thought about the food service on campus and always was looking for new ideas. Now that he is working on Quadrangle Properties, the members of Student Union will sorely miss him. He is a true example what an administrator should be, and we were honored and pleased to give him this award.”

Said Hoffner, “I was very surprised and honored that the Student Union leaders recognized my efforts to improve the quality of our services for all students, and I appreciate their efforts in working with us to bring student needs and interests to the table for discussion.”

Underwood has been involved with students in a variety of ways, including parking and the shuttle service.

“We chose to give an award to Lisa because of her dedication to improve things on campus, her open mind and willingness to listen to the students,” Bookbinder said. “An example we gave when we presented her with the award was when we told her about complaints we had heard from students about the shuttle routes — she came to an 8 a.m. Executive Council meeting on a Monday with maps showing potential changes.

“She then came to that Wednesday’s (SU) Senate meeting at 9 p.m. and spoke to the senators about the new plans.

“The amazing part was that she had lost her voice, but she was still willing to come to the meeting to share her new plans. She has consistently worked with and been a friend of Student Union, and we were proud to give her this award.”

Said Underwood, “I was surprised to have received this award, and it is a great honor, specifically because there are times when we have had to make decisions that we thought would not be that popular with the students. We feel very fortunate that the students are interested and willing to work with us to improve the services available to them, we all benefit from that partnership!”

Bookbinder agreed.

“Both Lisa and Steve shine in the positions on campus because they are so willing to treat students as partners and colleagues,” she said. “They respond to phone calls and e-mails in a fast manner and are willing to come in at all hours to help a student.”

Each year, Student Union gives out an administrator/staff person of the year award at its annual inauguration ceremony. Students and faculty members can submit award nominations.