Obituary: Agrawal, retired professor of neurology

Harish C. Agrawal, Ph.D., professor of neurology and of pediatrics, died in Miami Feb. 3, 2006, after a long illness. He was 66.

Agrawal was born in India in 1939 and earned a doctorate in biochemistry from Allahabad University in 1964.

Prior to arriving at Washington University in 1970, he was a lecturer at Charing Cross Hospital’s Department of Biochemistry in London.

He was the recipient of the Research Career Development Award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from 1974-1979, and was a member of the Neurology Study Section of NIH.

His research interest was in the myelination and demyelination of the central nervous system.

He contributed numerous scientific papers on various aspects of myelin proteins and their role in demyelinatory disorders.

He is survived by his wife Daya, two sons and two grandsons.

— Beth Miller