Engineering’s Kroeger receives Gloria White award at Staff Day

It’s pretty clear that John “Chris” Kroeger enjoys his job at the School of Engineering. Heck, it’s pretty clear that he enjoys the University as a whole.

Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton applauds John
Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton applauds John “Chris” Kroeger, winner of the Gloria W. White Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes a staff member for exceptional effort and contributions that result in the enhancement of the University. Wrighton presented Kroeger, associate dean and registrar of the School of Engineering, with the award, along with a check for $1,000, May 21 in Edison Theatre.

Kroeger, engineering associate dean and registrar, was recognized with the Gloria W. White Distinguished Service Award in a May 21 ceremony in Edison Theatre as part of the annual Staff Day activities.

Not only does Kroeger find time to teach three different classes — a freshman seminar, a graduate assistantship and an independent work in the Sever Institute Program of Continuing Studies — but he also volunteers his time outside of the engineering school.

Some of this time is allotted for Parents Council and Parents Weekend events, resident adviser training sessions and high school visits for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

“He is always upbeat and positive,” said Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton when introducing Kroeger at the ceremony, “and his entire office staff, which is the face of the University for both our undergraduate and graduate students, takes on his spirit, creating a truly positive working environment for staff and a great environment for students.”

One nominator wrote of Kroeger: “When I think about what makes [him] truly special as a professional in the student service area, it is his dedication to the University and to the mission of educating students, his genuine love of working with students [and] his knowledge of every aspect of student life and services.”

The Gloria W. White Distinguished Service Award was established 10 years ago to provide recognition to a nonacademic staff member for exceptional effort and contributions that have resulted in the betterment of the University.

Other winners

Chip Stone of the School of Law aims for a ringer playing washers at Mudd Field.
Chip Stone of the School of Law aims for a ringer playing washers at Mudd Field.

Staff Day also featured several activities for Danforth Campus personnel, including drawings for donated prizes. Winners of a $25 Bon Appetit dining card were Sandra Devereaux, Rose Mary Schultze, Tao Zhang, Tina Fink and Dan Szatkowski.

Joshua Trein, Doug Volmert and Jason Marquart all won lunch for four in the Anheuser-Busch Dining Hall of the Charles F. Knight Executive Education Center, and Diane Ryberg won dinner for two at Whittemore House.

Other winners were Carla Reed, Sandra Ackerman and Ryan Croft (all winning two infield box seats to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game); Karen Rensing ($100 Visa gift card); Karen Swiney (pair of OVATIONS! Series season tickets); Sue Horstman ($25 gift certificate and a case of Fitz’s root beer); and Maggie Edwards (two travel gift cards).

Winners of the competition trophies were, in softball, “Spin Docs” of the Office of Public Affairs; volleyball, George Warren Brown School of Social Work; washers, “JB and Jam” — Jason Becker and Chris Huels; co-ed golf, Ann Bradley and Joe Sklansky; men’s golf, Jeff Cooper and Jim Severine; and women’s golf, Vicki Goldman and Danette Hutton.

Debbie Vasel of Accounting Services poses for a caricature in the lower level of Mallinckrodt Student Center, where two artists sketched staff likenesses as souvenirs of the day.

Brian Lawton of Information Systems tries to will his golf ball to take a last-second detour toward the hole as Bill Hunn of Information Systems looks on at Forest Park.

Employees honored for years of service

At Staff Day May 21, the following people were recognized for 10 years of service to the University: Earl R. Banez, Rosemary J. Baxter, Philip Berwick, Sharon V. Britt, Jill E. Carnaghi, Robert C. Compton, Britt M. Congemo, Judith A. Culp, Clifford J. Davis, Gayle Derouin, Margaret-Peggy Dufer, Steven M. Ehrlich, Barbara A. Feiner, Betsy D. Foy, Michael Frank, Amy M. Gassel, Michael A. Grayson,

Curt R. Harres, Robert Hayes, William J. Heffernan, Amy J. Heisler, Steven P. Hoffner, Mary L. Hovland, Thomas H. Howard, Clarice M. Jenkins, April L. Kennedy, Julie M. Kennedy, John R. Koerkenmeier, Joanna Kressaty, Amy B. Kweskin, Terri G. Leyton, Lou Lucas, Patricia H. Luce, David L. Luechtefeld,

Leah A. Merrifield, Jane C. Miller, Judith Musick, Florin Petrescu-Tudor, Regina Poe, Ryan J. Rhea, Lisa K. Schmidt, Kimberly A. Selle, Heather Sloan-Randick, Tommy P. Thompson, Mitchell E. Tippen, Clayton Utzler, Wilbert (Mark) Verity, Sarah C. Weller, Gail M. Wright and Charles M. Wuensch.

The following people were recognized for 15 years of service: Crystal A. Baldwin, Luisette Behmer, Marilyn A. Chill, Christine A. Deutschmann, James M. Dryden, Joyce L. Duncan, Tammy D. Dwyer, Tony O. Fafoglia, Peter K. Fan, Vicki J. Ferrari, Linda A. Goez, Patricia J. Gregory, Steve Grimes,

Patricia L. Haftarczyk, Scott M. Handley, Lynn M. Harrigan, Galen V. Harrison, Roxanna Herrick, Marcia A. Holleran, Marsha C. Hussung, Andrew K. Johnstone, Susan M. Kapp, Kenneth A. Laster, Pamela S. Lokken, Catherine M. Marler, Gerald E. Pelikan, Janine M. Prost-Domasky, Catherine Rankovic, Lisa M. Siddens, Mark W. Smith, Ralph H. Thaman, Linda M. Trower, Martha L. Turner, Sandra L. Tutinoi, Barry M. Weller, Pamela K. Wiese, William A. Wiley, William H. Witbrodt, Sok-Lin T. Yong and Eric S. Young.

The following people were recognized for 20 years of service: John A. Berg, A. Van Brokaw, Debora K. Burgess, Ronald L. Burmeister, Helen K. Cook, Lee M. Cribbs, Stanley J. Crone, Anthony De Marinis, Kaaren J. Downey, Thomas H. Evola, Nancy K. Fahey, David A. Fitzpatrick, Donna L. Higgins, Cassandra A. Hill, Paula J. Kiefel, Keith W. Klein, Bruce K. Kremer,

Lora M. Lanczkowski, Michael J. Laverdure, Deborah M. Lydon, Dennis J. Martin, Margaret A. McClelland, Robert T. McFarland, Madison H. McGuire, Donna J. Mollerus, Christine G. Moseley, Sharon L. Newsom, Glenn R. Osburn, Gregory S. Potter, Allan R. Randle, John M. Rozycki, Kimberly K. Shilling, Margaret L. Smith, Joni L. Westerhouse and Joann M. Wuller.

The following people were recognized for 26 years of service: Sally A. Bartholomew, Edna R. Canada, Rudolph Clay, Juli W. Einspanier, William Fletcher, Leonard J. Gibson, Stephen R. Hermann, Margaret R. Hilpert, Mona G. Hughes, Shelli M. Kastin, Kathleen E. Lasater,

Alan L. Mader, Katherine A. McDaniel, Kathleen M. O’Donnell, Lawrence E. Poll, William G. Price, Harriet K. Switzer, Barbara L. Thomas, Anna Tsadka, M. Fredric Volkmann, Stanley Walker, Melinda E. Warren, Crystal Watts and Cynthia D. Williams.

The following people were recognized for 30 years of service: Diane S. Cahill, Adrienne L. Glore, Maurice R. Jones, James W. Linders, Patrick O. Moore, Brian W. Strahan and Bobby L. Trulove.

The following people were recognized for 35 years of service: Philip N. Corpening, Cynthia L. Cosby, Stanley S. Drane, Otha L. Overholt, Edward W. Stevens, David A. Tanner and Donna B. Williams.