I-CARES will work with the McDonnell International Scholars Academy

Universities to collaborate in global energy and environmental research partnership

The newly established International Center for Advanced Renewable Energy and Sustainability (I-CARES) at Washington University in St. Louis will encourage international collaborative research on energy and environmental issues by working closely with a global partnership of leading universities forged recently by the University’s McDonnell International Scholars Academy.

“I-CARES will have a strong international component stemming from our McDonnell International Scholars Academy program and will include research not only on biofuels, but also on biological approaches to photoconversion of carbon dioxide to biomass. This includes an effort on carbon dioxide mitigation/sequestration needs stemming from expanded use of coal, which is a key energy resource globally and regionally,” Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton said.

The McDonnell Academy includes exceptional graduate and professional students as McDonnell Scholars from partner universities across Asia and the Middle East in all graduate disciplines and professional schools at the university. These future leaders receive full graduate fellowships, including tuition, room, board and travel. Currently, four of the 30 scholars are pursuing Ph.D.s in the Department of Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering.

The McDonnell Academy not only provides the scholars rigorous graduate instruction in their chosen areas of study, but also steeps them in a cultural, political and social education program designed to educate them about the United States, other countries and critical international issues, including energy, the environment and sustainability.

May 4-7 the presidents of 11 McDonnell International Scholars Academy university partners from Asia and the Middle East gathered at the International Symposium on Energy and Environment at Washington University to discuss various ways their institutions are addressing global energy and environmental concerns.

At the end of the symposium, the participants issued a “call to action” on energy and environment (links to call to action web page). Wrighton also announced that Washington University will provide $500,000 to support collaborative projects involving Washington University faculty and those from partner universities.

The partnership is known as the McDonnell Academy Global Energy and Environment Partnership (MAGEEP), and a follow-up summit on energy and environment will be held in Hong Kong in December 2008.

“Many interesting areas of collaborative research were discussed during our meeting here, and I think this represents an absolutely unique approach to international research collaboration,” Wrighton said.