Emergency texting system implemented

In order to better disseminate vital information as quickly as possible, the University added the ability to send text messages to cell phones as of Aug. 1.

This service, the WUText Emergency Notification System, will be used only for imminent or actual campus emergencies and school closings. WUText alerts will only be issued by the chancellor, chancellor’s office, Office of Public Affairs, the chief of police or the director of protective services at the School of Medicine. The WUText system will not be used for routine University messages, alerts or vendor commercial announcements.

Participation in the WUText Emergency Notification System is voluntary and text messages will only be sent to individuals who have provided their cell phone data and elected to participate. There is no cost to register for the program, although charges for receipt of a text message may apply, depending on the cellular service agreement.

Registration can be initiated by going online to wustl.cleartxt.com. Parents, guardians of students and other partners of the University who wish to receive emergency text messages may also register.

Any questions about this program should be directed to Telephone Services at 935-5005 or University Information Services & Technology at 935-5707.