Do you play by the rules?

Student essay contest worth up to $500

The Center for the Study of Ethics and Human Values is sponsoring an essay contest, “Are Rules Made to be Broken?”

Students are invited to submit essays that connect the issue of cheating in sports with the broader ethical issues associated with playing by the rules in a competitive society. Essays might address one or more of the following themes: the nature and definition of cheating; its causes, societal and cultural significance; its impact on one or more of the professions; and the ethics of prevention, detection and punishment.

A $500 prize will be awarded for the best essay by a graduate and undergraduate student and a $250 prize for the runner-up in each category.

Essays cannot exceed 2,000 words. All entries must be submitted both on paper and electronically and received by Oct. 22. Entrants must disclose if they worked on their essay with a member of the faculty or wrote the essay for a course.

Paper submissions should be sent to the center at Umrath Hall, Room 264; electronic copies should be e-mailed to Stuart D. Yoak, Ph.D., director of the center, at

For more information, call 935-9358.