Jeri Sedlar to discuss life after retirement

Best selling author to offer tips on options for people who have left their careers behind

WHO: Jeri Sedlar, best-selling author of “Don’t Retire, Rewire!”

WHAT: An interactive lecture that explores work and life options post-retirement.

WHERE: Simon Hall’s May Auditorium on the Danforth Campus of Washington University in St. Louis.

WHEN: Friday, October 5, 2007; 4 p.m.- 5:15 p.m.

WHY: Retirement no longer means sitting on a porch watching the days go by. More and more, people view retirement as an opportunity to work in a new field. In fact, 80 percent of adults age 33 to 52 say they plan to work at least part-time during retirement, according to a 1998 AARP survey.

Jeri Sedlar, author of “Don’t Retire, Rewire!” will lead an interactive session to help people define what kind of work is best for their retirement given their passions and interests, and how to go about obtaining it.

The cost of the talk is $10 and is open to the public. The event is part of the Advancing Olin Alumni series at the 2007 Olin Graduate Reunions.

To register, please contact Lindsey Schubert at 314-935-5226 or

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