Two WUSTL schools tapped as top sources of talent

Yahoo Inc. has made the Olin Business School and the School of Engineering two of its “Tier One” (core school) recruitment targets for recruiting operations and finance talent.

“For many students, Yahoo is a premier company to work for,” said Mahendra Gupta, Ph.D., dean of the business school. “In addition to creating more opportunities for our students, this recognition enables us to have a stronger relationship with Yahoo. We have great alums at the company and I look forward to seeing an increase in that number and their successes at the company.”

Yahoo is part of a growing list of firms that have made the University one of their highest priority partners for business talent acquisition. Some of the other companies that turn to Olin for new hires include Deloitte Consulting, General Mills, Citi, Bain, 3M, Exxon, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Bloomingdale’s.