Cooking accident damages Wohl Center windows

Shortly after 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 12, a cooking accident damaged five large windows in the South 40’s Wohl Center, on the northwest corner of the second floor. The incident was caused by a portable tabletop stove that malfunctioned when a butane fuel canister sprang a leak.

None of the 50 students in the room at the time was hurt. Members of the Campus Police Department, Clayton Fire Department and Residential Life quickly responded and offered assistance to the students.

The incident occurred during a meeting of the Asian Christian Fellowship (ACF). ACF members traditionally prepare food during their events. The students continued their meeting in an adjoining building.

Clayton fire codes do allow the use of butane cooking devices in well-ventilated areas, and the Clayton Fire Department determined that there was no violation of these codes. WUSTL officials will be reviewing the University’s policies regarding the use of such equipment as a result of the incident.

Within two hours, staff from University Facilities had removed the broken glass and had covered the damaged window openings with plywood.