Grant money available to students this summer

Up to $100,000 could be available for WUSTL students for internships and innovative projects this summer in the form of social change grants through the Community Service Office; stipends for internships through the Career Center; and the Gephardt Institute for Public Service summer service stipend program.

A meeting will be held at 4 p.m. Nov. 1 in Lambert Lounge in Mallinckrodt Student Center to discuss the various opportunities for students.

The Career Center has contributed a significant amount of money that will be available to undergraduate students who complete internships this summer.

The Gephardt Institute Summer Service stipend program supports undergraduate and graduate students who undertake uncompensated internships or volunteer placements that are oriented toward community service, political action and social justice. Ten stipends of $2,000 each will be awarded to eligible students.

Three social change grants are available from the Community Service Office:

• The $3,000 Stern Social Change grant was established in 2000 to provide interested students with the means to pursue creative and meaningful activities geared toward finding solutions to society’s needs.

• The $5,000 Kaldi’s Social Change Grant was established in 2005 to provide students with the opportunity to develop sustainable community projects in the St. Louis region.

• The $10,000 Kathryn Wasserman Davis 100 Projects for Peace Social Change Grant was established by the philanthropist on the occasion of her 100th birthday. The object of the program is to encourage and support motivated youth to create and implement their ideas for building peace throughout the world in the 21st century.

For more information on the grants or the informational meeting, call the Community Service Office at 935-5599.