Retirees honored by University at luncheon

When Thomas Murry began working at the School of Medicine as a medical photographer in 1974, the campus looked a bit different. Some buildings around then no longer are standing, and the first lab in which he worked has undergone, well, some cosmetic changes.

“The lab was turned into a women’s bathroom,” Murry said. “That’s how small it was.”

Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton (left) hosted a luncheon to celebrate the contribution of 72 recent retirees to the University. The retirees attending the luncheon with the greatest number of years of service – (from right) Thomas Murry (Radiology, 32 years), Deborah Long (Biology and Biomedical Science Graduate Affairs, 28 years) and Benny Woods (Olin Library, 30 years) – each received a basket of flowers.

Murry was one of 72 people who retired from the University this past year. He joined 22 other retirees, along with the retirees’ family and friends, Sept. 25 for a celebratory luncheon hosted by Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton at the Whittemore House.

Each retiree in attendance received a walnut plaque featuring the University seal and the number of years of his or her service. Presenting the plaques were Wrighton; Larry Shapiro, M.D., executive vice chancellor for medical affairs and dean of the School of Medicine; Fred Volkmann, vice chancellor for public affairs; and Ann Prenatt, vice chancellor for human resources.

“Today, people at Washington University are benefiting from your hard work,” Wrighton told the retirees. “On behalf of everyone at Washington University, you have my thanks and appreciation for all that you’ve done to make this the great place that it is; a great place for a wonderful education, a great place to work and, in many respects, a place that brings benefits well beyond St. Louis.”

Special recognition and baskets of flowers were given to the three retirees attending the luncheon who had the greatest number of years of service.

These retirees were Murry (Radiology, 32 years), Benny Woods (Olin Library, 30 years) and Deborah Long (Biology and Biomedical Science Graduate Affairs, 28 years).

The 72 retirees contributed a total of 1,538 years of service to the University.

Retirees and their lengths of service

Clara Asnes (12 years); Barbara Beck (13 years); Saul Becker (21 years); Nancy Belt (10 years); Michael Biondo (20 years); Elizabeth Bloomfield (26 years); Judith Bodnar (41 years); Jennifer Bollinger (17 years); Linda Butler (30 years); Sherry Cannon (21 years); Jean Chou (23 years); Jane D’Amico (18 years); Patricia Davis (25 years); Pearline Degenhardt (16 years); Joyce Duncan (15 years); Randy Farmer (18 years); Carolyn Feldkamp (13 years); Elisabeth Fischer (18 years); Barbara Forgash (18 years); Frances Frazier (15 years); William Giese (33 years); Winston Gifford (14 years); Elizabeth Gowan (12 years); Barbara Halbrook (34 years); Ann Hanke (11 years); Virginia Herberts (16 years); Chaobin Hu (18 years); Carol Jones (35 years); William Jones (23 years); Vickie Kamp (31 years); Addie Kelley (21 years); Jean Kirby (35 years); Joann Labruyere (28 years); Ruth Ladenson (11 years); Mary Ann Laflin (12 years); Judith Leicht (17 years); Sharon Little (10 years); Deborah Long (28 years); Barbara Luszczynska (28 years); Bei-Wen Ma (10 years); Marietta Magnus (19 years); Robert Marbs (20 years); David Marshall (25 years); Michael Moll (19 years); Barbara Muehlher (14 years); Thomas Murry (32 years); Dennis Nagy (18 years); Alan Norman (10 years); Jitka Olander (14 years); Angelo Oldani (19 years); Barbara Oldani (20 years); Lucila Paras (10 years); Elaine Pirkey (22 years); Joann Polk (17 years); Sharon Putzel (10 years); Susan Reinschmidt (23 years); Marian Riley (22 years); Linda Schaeffer (36 years); Georgia Schefft (25 years); David Schilling (27 years); Louise Schoelch (26 years); Martha Shafer (20 years); Christine Smith (41 years); Pranoat Suntharothok-Priesmeyer (38 years); Harriet Switzer (26 years); David Tanner (34 years); Douglas Twells (16 years); Craig Vokracka (20 years); John Walters (35 years); Marla Watson (11 years); Doris Wellman (22 years); Benny Woods (30 years).