Campus Author: Kathryn (Tristan) Liszewski, research scientist

Anxiety Rescue: Simple Strategies to Stop Fear from Ruling Your Life

Dancing Eagle Press (2007)

Kathryn Liszewski, research scientist in the Department of Medicine, spent most of her adult life in the grip of anxiety. She was often worried, anxious and had panic attacks. At one point, she only wanted to be able to go to the grocery store without being afraid or panicked.

However, Liszewski has overcome her anxiety and panic attacks and is sharing her experience and tips in a new book called “Anxiety Rescue: Simple Strategies to Stop Fear from Ruling Your Life,” written under the pen name Kathryn Tristan.

Liszewski said one in six Americans deals with excessive fear or anxiety.

“We are overstressed, overworried and overwhelmed by work, home and relationships,” she said. “We are on the go and trying to keep all of our responsibilities up in the air at once, like balls in a juggling act. When you couple this with feeling underfulfilled, underrested and underhappy, then you can have an inner meltdown that is called an anxiety attack.

“I wrote this book as part of a commitment that if I could ever overcome my own fears, I’d use my writing and mentoring skills to help others,” she said. “The book helped me put into words how I actually overcame this.”

Liszewski said she conquered anxiety by using four insights she calls “CORE Concepts”: Choice, Outlook, Risking and Exploring.

“Choice means that how you react to any situation, event or experience is something you choose,” Liszewski said. “Outlook means that how you think about anything determines how you experience everything. You can choose to change your outlook to create safety and inner power. Risk means that taking small steps gradually empowers you. As confidence builds, you begin to free yourself from the prison of anxiety. Exploring means reconnecting with your inner spirit, your highest part that helps you turn your pain into an opportunity for growth and healing.”

The book contains features including the trademarked WorryWart Quiz, 10 Instant Stress Busters and other strategies to help readers tackle their own fears.

As a research scientist in rheumatology, Liszewski has written or co-authored more than 120 articles in health publications and has spoken and made presentations at international conferences. She also has written freelance articles for publications such as Parade Magazine and Genetic Engineering News. She is a member of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, the American Association of Immunologists and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

— Beth Miller