Engineering prototypes address social issues

Who: The 77 students in Washington University’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Senior Capstone Design Course, a fast-paced studio experience in which student teams develop designs and construct working prototypes

What: Students’ class projects are on display at Washington University’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Design Fair. Many of the 26 student projects are quite large and visual. They include a portable, collapsible disaster shelter and a high-capacity peanut-shelling system to speed the process of making peanut-butter medicine in Third World countries.

The students’ designs this year were motivated by the university-wide themes of responding to world challenges in energy, environment, health, security and poverty. This led to projects in appropriate technology, emergency preparedness and response, green design, automobiles and personal transport, robotic devices, as well as coordinated satellite subsystem design, and an aircraft design contest.

Where: Lopata Hall’s atrium/gallery, Washington University’s Danforth Campus

When: 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2007

For more detailed information on location and parking, call Sue Killenberg McGinn at 314-935-5254 (office) or 314-603-6008 (cell).

For more information on the design fair, go to Events&EventID=1351.