Habif Center offers online parking passes, e-mail communication

Student Health Services, in conjunction with Parking and Transportation Services, has announced the introduction of a new, printable temporary parking pass available online for students to use during their visits.

Students can print a pass from the health service student portal available at shs.wustl.edu. The pass is good for 15 minutes before and after the scheduled appointment time.

It is only good for Lot 54, the metered parking lot between Lee and Umrath Houses. When using the pass, there is no need to feed the meter.

“We’re excited to offer these passes to students,” said Alan I. Glass, M.D., director of the Habif Health and Wellness Center. “It’s more convenient for them and is quick and easy since it’s online.”

The health center also is offering a new program that provides for secure e-mailing between students and health providers they have seen. The secure e-mail system is a feature of the center’s electronic medical record called Open Communicator and also can be accessed through the student portal on the center’s Web site.

Students receive notification through their WUSTL e-mail accounts that they have a message from their clinician and then can access the portal to retrieve the message.

“This system was a direct response to student needs,” Glass said. “Students are very comfortable with e-mail communication, and this system has eliminated a lot of phone tag. However, it does not completely eliminate the need for face-to-face and telephone communication between students and their health providers. Messages of an urgent or emergent nature will not be communicated by e-mail.”