‘me me me’ kicks off ovations! for young people series

Montreal’s acclaimed DynamO Théâtre will launch Edison Theatre’s popular ovations! for young people series with “me me me,” a whirling mix of gymnastics, theater, juggling and mime that tackles perhaps the toughest of all political arenas: grade school.

The special one-day-only performance begins at 11 a.m. Jan. 12 in Edison Theatre.

Montreal’s DynamO Theatre Company tackles what could be the toughest of all political arenas – elementary school – in the rollicking, energetic ‘furiously theatrical’ romp ‘me me me.’ The show comes to Edison Theatre Jan. 12.

Written by the playwright and novelist Lies Vaillancourt, “me me me” opens with four longtime friends — Mathilde (Mariflore Véronneau), Nathan (Frédéric Nadeau), Suzanna (Kim Henry) and Stanley (Oliver Koomsatira) — arriving for a hectic day at school. As the students turn to their assignments, Mathilde enthusiastically answers the teacher’s queries, her hand shooting skyward as she yells “Me me me!” and wins a classroom prize.

Yet Mathilde’s enthusiasm triggers a hostile reaction from her friends, who soon begin to ostracize her from the group. As the day goes on, Mathilde grows more and more isolated but eventually attempts to overcome that rejection with an unexpected move that takes an entire school by surprise.

“(DynamO Théâtre) tells stories using bodies and few words,” notes Quebec City’s daily newspaper Le Soleil. “Evocation and suggestion are key to its art while poetry and images give it wings. … Their muscles are eloquent and their precise movements and actions bring up striking images.”

DynamO Théâtre was founded in 1981 by a group of Montreal artists whose varying backgrounds included gymnastics, mime and juggling. The group’s vision was to create a dynamic theatrical experience that combined all of these movements with the emotional depth of drama — a style they now call the “Theatre of Acrobatic Movement.”

“This furiously theatrical production, varied and rich in references of all kind, instantly imposes its meaning,” adds Le Soleil. “It is geared for kids 7 to 12, but adults should find as much entertainment and lessons as the youngsters.”

The ovations! for young people series offers specially priced Saturday matinee performances for audiences of all ages. Following DynamO Théâtre, the series will continue Feb. 16 with the Campbell Brothers, grand masters of Sacred Steel, a vital yet little-known African-American Gospel tradition centered on the pedal steel guitar.

The series will conclude May 10 with Grammy Award-winning roots-rockers Dan Zanes & Friends.

Tickets for the Jan. 12 performance of “me me me” are $8, though subscriptions to all three ovations! for young people events are available at $5 per ticket.

Tickets are available at the Edison Theatre Box Office and through all MetroTix outlets.

For more information, call 935-6543 or e-mail Edison@wustl.edu.