Apply now for Bear Cub Fund grants

The University Bear Cub Fund is soliciting grant applications from University researchers who want to move inventions from their laboratories toward commercialization.

After a two-year gap in funding, the University has re-established the Bear Cub Fund grant program through the Office of Technology Management. The fund supports innovative translational research not normally backed by federal grants. Any University faculty member, postdoctoral fellow, graduate student or employee may apply.

“Many technologies developed at the University have commercial potential,” said Samuel Stanley, M.D., vice chancellor for research. “But there’s often a gap in funding between innovation in the laboratory and the development of a commercial product. The Bear Cub Fund can help provide researchers with the funding they need to demonstrate that their technology has commercial value.”

Ken Janoski, president and CEO of BioGenerator, a St. Louis-based nonprofit that forms and funds early-stage biotechnology companies, said BioGenerator is very supportive and enthusiastic about the restart of the Bear Cub Fund.

“With the Bear Cub Fund, researchers will now have access to funds to prove the viability of their discoveries as potential new commercial products,” Janoski said.

“From the perspective of the investor, or industry, having this ‘proof-of-concept’ information reduces their risks, and thus makes the innovative technology much more attractive and more likely to receive the commercial funding necessary to move the innovation to the marketplace,” he said.

Individual grants of $20,000-$50,000 will be awarded in the spring. Applications are due March 15.

The Bear Cub Fund was established in 2002 and is administered through the University’s Research Office. About $200,000 in grant funds will be allocated to University scientists each year.

For more information about the grants and to download an application, visit