Construction update

Construction Update is published periodically and provides

information about the progress of major building and renovation projects. Information is provided to the Record by facilities management.

Danforth Campus

Harry and Susan Seigle Hall

Rough-in has begun on hard ceilings. The drywall is being finished on Level 3. Work began on the trim for lower levels in March. Stonemasonry work is progressing on the north and northwest portions of the building. Construction should be completed by June 2008.

Danforth University Center

Painting has begun in some spaces on Level 1 and in the kitchen. The ceiling millwork is complete, and the erection of the grand staircase is in process in the commons. On Level 2, the fun room drywall and ceiling is under way. The tile installation in the restrooms was completed March 6, and the millwork in the formal lounge is 60 percent complete. Weather has held up the completion of copper caps, dormer copper, scuppers and downspouts. The project is on schedule to be completed by July 2008.

Village East

The building is enclosed and heated. Drywall work is on schedule. The paint color in the mock room has been approved as well as the aggregate sidewalk sample. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems rough-ins continue. Masonry and roofing work has been delayed due to the outside air temperature and inclement weather. This project is scheduled for completion in August 2008.