Danforth Campus parking changes announced for 2008-09

WUSTL’s commitment to increase green space on the Danforth Campus and promote sustainability has prompted the University to reassess its parking offerings for the 2008-09 academic year — adding the Occasional Parking Program and adjusting parking fees.

The new parking program and fee adjustments go into effect July 1.

The University’s commitment to green space means that the focus has shifted from surface parking lots to above-ground and below-ground parking structures, which cost more to build and maintain than surface lots.

Parking permit prices for the academic year 2008-09

Red $960.00
Yellow $429.00
Blue $429.00
Brown $429.00
North Campus $228.00
Evening $100.00
Off-Site $15.00
Student Summer $125.00
Official Business $420.00
Daily $5.00
Monthly $100.00

Each parking spot in an above-ground structure averages $20,000-$25,000 to build and maintain. Below-ground parking is more than double that number. While the University covers a portion of these costs, the remainder must be recovered through parking fees.

WUSTL offers commuting students, faculty and staff several cost-effective alternatives to using a personal vehicle. The University provides each benefits-eligible employee and full-time student with a complimentary U-Pass, which allows the holder unlimited use of Metro buses and MetroLink as an alternative method of transportation to and from campus. This benefit is not part of the parking fee structure and helps keep hundreds of cars off the roads daily, which reduces carbon emissions along with the need for parking. For more information on this benefit, visit parking.wustl.edu/metro.htm.

The University also brought the WeCar program to WUSTL campuses this winter to provide a means of transportation for those who might typically commute via public transportation, bicycle or foot. For more information, visit parking.wustl.edu/wecar.htm.

Among the changes made to the parking program is an increase in price for 2008-09 Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, North Campus, and Official Business permits. Additional increases are planned for 2009-10 and 2010-11.

The parking advisory committee — made up of faculty, staff and students — recommended significantly reducing permit fees (decreasing from $93 to $15) for those who use off-site parking in conjunction with a Metro pass in 2008-09.

“The off-site permit provides another low-cost alternative to parking on campus,” said Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee Chair George P. Milne, associate dean for administration at the School of Law. Off-site includes West Campus and North Campus for students or employees who work elsewhere on the Danforth Campus. This incentive will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis with a maximum of 200 permits.

“We hope that faculty, staff and students will consider alternative transportation and off-site parking as a way not only to reduce their carbon footprint but also to reduce parking expenses and personal transportation overhead,” said Lisa Underwood, director of WUSTL Parking & Transportation Services.

In addition to the U-Pass and WeCar programs, which encourage the use of alternative transportation rather than single-occupancy vehicles, the University will debut the Occasional Parking Program in 2008-09. This program is designed to provide an occasional, reduced-cost daily parking option for those who normally use an alternate mode (walk, bike, public transit and carpool) for their commute. The Occasional Parking Program will make a set number of discounted daily passes available annually for purchase by individuals enrolled in the program. Parking Services will have membership packets for the Occasional Parking Program available in June.

Future enhancements also are being considered for evening parking on the Danforth Campus, and the planning process for bicycle program additions on the Danforth Campus is nearing completion.

For more information, contact Parking and Transportation Services at 935-5601 or parktrans@wustl.edu.