Thanks, Mr. Sappenfield

(Credit: Photo by Kevin Lowder)

Lonia Friedlander (left) visits with her former chemistry teacher Terry Sappenfield (center) and Harvey R. Fields, Ph.D., assistant director of academic programs at WUSTL’s Cornerstone: The Center for Advanced Learning. Sappenfield, a faculty member at Firestone High School in Akron, Ohio, came to campus to accept the Cornerstone Outstanding Teacher Award. Each year, Cornerstone invites graduating seniors who have served as academic mentors to other students to nominate an elementary or secondary school teacher they believe has significantly contributed to their intellectual and personal development. Friedlander chose Sappenfield. “He taught us all about the beauty of scientific discovery,” she said. “He was caring, talented and pushed his students to the best of their abilities.” A double major in chemistry and earth and planetary sciences, both in Arts & Sciences, Friedlander plans to pursue an advanced degree in geochemistry.