Golden grant celebration

Martha Storandt, Ph.D., professor of psychology in Arts & Sciences (seated top left), enjoys the opening remarks of a two-day conference, which began May 28, celebrating the 50th anniversary of a landmark National Institutes of Health (NIH) Aging and Development Training Grant. WUSTL received the grant in 1958. Storandt, who served more than two decades as principal investigator for the grant, looks on as current principal investigator David Balota, Ph.D., professor and associate chair of psychology in Arts & Sciences, addresses the conference. Balota credits Storandt and the late Jack Botwinick, Ph.D., professor emeritus of psychology and of neurology, with playing pivotal roles in leading the training program, which nurtured aging studies on campus and led to the formation of the University’s highly regarded Aging and Development Program. Seated next to Storandt is Leonard Jakubczak, Ph.D., who was one of the first predoctoral trainees appointed in 1958.