Benjamin Guthorn

“The era of tabloid candidacy must end so that real issues can be addressed.”

Biography: Benjamin Guthorn knows what it takes to motivate young voters to take political action. As the president of the College Democrats, he has led student efforts in support of both federal and state legislative issues as well as organized panels and fundraising activities to back Democratic campaigns.

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“Students are ready for this,” Guthorn says of the upcoming election. “This campus realizes the important impact that young voters stand to make on November 4th. You can see it in our action. We are not simply a demographic of constituents with time to volunteer and passion to commit. We are the cohort which stands to inherit the decisions that will be made within the coming months and years.”

Through his work with various legislators, Guthorn has become interested and educated in many campaign issues: global warming, the Iraq war, renewable energy and education.

He served as deputy legislative affairs director for Rep. Dana Stein in Maryland’s 11th District in the summer of 2006, campaigned for Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill and most recently, served as the Baltimore City field director/staffer for John Sarbanes for Congress.

At WUSTL, Guthorn is vice president of the Art School Council and serves on the Student Admissions Committee.

A photography and political science major, he also knows what it takes to produce an award-winning work of art. His photography has been displayed in New York galleries and in the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

But the photo he’d likely value most in the coming weeks would picture a victorious Barak Obama with a smiling Delaware senator by his side.

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Major/minor: Photography and political science

Student contact information: Cell: (410) 530-9191 E-mail:

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