Preparations under way for Oct. 2

Access to campus, Athletic Complex, parking to be affected at various times

Those in the habit of a daily workout in WUSTL’s Athletic Complex will have to make alternate plans for the week leading up to and after the vice presidential debate on campus Oct. 2.

As part of the University’s preparations for the debate, the Athletic Complex will close at 11 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 24. The exercise equipment typically housed in the Athletic Complex will be moved Sept. 25 to make room for the amenities needed for the debate.

The tentative reopening date for most of the Athletic Complex is Oct. 6.

“Whether much of the Athletic Complex can reopen by Oct. 6 depends on the progress of the tear-down after the debate,” says Andrew Koch, facility manager for the Athletic Complex.

The Rec Gym likely will remain closed until Oct. 8. After that date, the entire complex should be back to business as usual, Koch says.

While the complex is closed, the University has arranged for those who typically use the Athletic Complex to have access to alternate workout facilities.

The South 40 Fitness Center will admit those with a photo ID and a McWilliams Fitness Center membership. If both cannot be displayed, there is a $5 per use fee.

Bally’s Total Fitness on Forsyth Boulevard in Clayton, Mo., has agreed to allow Athletic Complex patrons who provide a WUSTL ID card and sign a waiver use of their facilities. The Center of Clayton, located at 50 Gay Ave. in Clayton, also will allow those with a WUSTL ID card use of their facilities. The cost will be $4 per visit.

More information about these and other alternate sites is posted on The WUSTL community also can call the Athletic Complex hotline (935-4705) for information.

Some in the campus community might have to alter their commuting habits as well, as parking will be severely impacted Sept. 25-Oct. 2. From Sept. 25-Oct. 1, parking on the west side of the Danforth Campus will become progressively more challenging. Parking will be available at West Campus, and faculty and staff can use a U-Pass to take MetroLink to the Danforth Campus. To sign up for a U-Pass, visit

Oct. 2, the day of the debate, parking throughout the Danforth Campus will be significantly restricted, and vehicle access will be limited to those with a University-issued or other authorized permit.

• Also Oct. 2, no classes will be held after 3 p.m. At 3:30 p.m., all buildings on the Danforth Campus will be locked, and access to all offices and classrooms will require key-card access and authorized identification.

• Individuals and groups may gather for the peaceful expression of opinions Oct. 2 at the Public Viewing Area, located on the University’s intramural field at the southeast corner of Big Bend and Forsyth boulevards. Those who wish to speak on stage in this area must register in advance. Visit for more information.

• According to the Office of Residential Life’s Web site (, no guests will be allowed in the Danforth Campus residential hall areas beginning 8 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 1, through noon Friday, Oct. 3. Only individuals with a valid WUSTL ID will have access to any University residential areas. Access to fraternity houses during the time leading up to the debate will be limited. For information about access to fraternity houses, call 935-3939.

• Students, faculty and staff who will be on the Danforth Campus Oct. 1 and Oct. 2 must have a current WUSTL ID or an official University-issued credential.

Only those who are properly credentialed may enter or remain in the secure perimeter surrounding the Athletic Complex or at other times as determined by security personnel.