Introducing new faculty members

The following are among the new faculty members at the University. Others will be introduced periodically in this space.

Bruce Carlson, Ph.D., joins the Department of Biology in Arts & Sciences as assistant professor. He has earned bachelor’s degrees in biology and marine sciences from the University of Miami and a doctorate in neurobiology and behavior from Cornell University. Carlson’s research combines electrophysiology, neuroanatomy, computational modeling and behavioral analysis to study information processing by sensory systems. His work uses the electrosensory systems of weakly electric fish from Africa and South America, for which it is possible to establish direct links between the physiology of individual neurons and quantitative characteristics of natural behaviors.

Julia Driver, Ph.D., joins the Department of Philosophy in Arts & Sciences as professor. Driver had been on the faculty of Dartmouth College since 1999, serving as department chair from 2002-04. Driver earned a doctorate from Johns Hopkins University in 1990. She specializes in ethics with particular interests in normative ethical theory and moral psychology, and she is the author of “Uneasy Virtue” (Cambridge 2001) and “Ethics: The Fundamentals” (Blackwell 2006). Co-editor of The Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, she received a National Endowment for the Humanities fellowship in 2004 and the Lawrence S. Rockefeller Fellowship at Princeton University’s Center for Human Values in 1992.