Business students take on European Union as a case study

Travel, research and debate reveal workings of EU to undergrads

Three dozen students from Washington University in St. Louis have a tough assignment: Determine the financial implications of Turkey’s application to join the European Union and further enlargement of EU membership. To complete the task, the students — all undergraduates in the Olin Business School — will fan out across Europe to interview EU ambassadors and experts on the topic before participating in a mock parliament debate in Brussels on Friday, January 30, 2009. Students will travel to assigned cities in 18 European countries to conduct research January 25-27. The class will meet in Luxembourg January 28 for a visit to the European Investment Bank and Luxembourg Parliament followed by a visit to the European Parliament and Commission in Brussels the following day. Representatives of the Croatian and Turkish Missions applying for EU membership will address the mock parliament on Jan. 30. A panel of experts representing current EU members, the United States and the European Union will assist the debaters. This is the second year WUSTL business students are participating in the EU study tour as part of Olin Business School’s International Internship Program. Nick Hugh, Olin’s director of European programs says, “students’ learning and appreciation of the business environment are taken to a new level when they actually meet with individuals who influence and make policy.” At the conclusion of the study tour, students will return to their semester abroad programs in London, Paris, Madrid and Koblenz for internships with local businesses and organizations. To arrange interviews with students or attend the mock parliament, please contact: Nick Hugh, European Programs Director Olin Business School Washington University in St Louis Tel 44 20 7692 6322 Mob 44 77 1116 1377

Melody Walker, Dir. News and Information Olin Business School Washington University in St. Louis Tel 1 314-935-6325 Mob 1 314-941-2046

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