First McDonnell Center poster session

Barbara Shrauner, Ph.D., senior professor of electrical and systems engineering, and Mark G. Alford, Ph.D., associate professor of physics in Arts & Sciences, review an exhibit from the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences Poster Session in the Earth & Planetary Sciences Building. WUSTL students, faculty and staff browsed among 55 posters at an opening reception Jan. 15. The posters display the diversity and vibrancy of the McDonnell Center’s research and academic interests, ranging from exobiology to astrophysics. “Space sciences has entered into everyone’s lives through television, remote sensing of the Earth’s resources and GPS navigation,” said Ramanath Cowsik, Ph.D., professor of physics and director of the McDonnell Center. “Origins of life and origins of the universe are some of the main themes of research at the center.” The posters will remain on display on the first floor of the Earth & Planetary Sciences Building through Feb. 6.