Move over, American Idol

Real talent is found at IdeaBounce sessions, where judges listen to entrepreneurs as they audition ideas for new and innovative ventures. Six contestants — all WUSTL students — won $100 each at the Feb. 19 IdeaBounce held in Whitaker Hall for ideas ranging from high-tech phones with built-in jump drives to a walker for the elderly that navigates steps. The Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurial Studies sponsors IdeaBounce sessions throughout the academic year, and the sessions are open to the public. Judges pictured (from left) Kevin Krosley of Sigma-Aldrich; Steve Gambaro, ME ’73 and business owner; Deborah Radasch of Boeing Research & Technology; and David Strom of David Strom Inc. The next IdeaBounce will be held March 26 at Steinberg Hall. To register, visit