New login system fully implemented by March 18

Washington University students, faculty and staff will be required to use their WUSTL KEY to gain access to any of the 35 University Web applications that feature WUSTL CONNECT beginning March 18.

WUSTL CONNECT is the University-wide login system that allows WUSTL community members to use a WUSTL KEY — a user name and password — to access WUSTL Web applications.

While initially introduced for 35 University administrative systems, the WUSTL CONNECT system will be used by many school and library systems to replace separate user names and passwords for individual systems. This will simplify access to systems for students, faculty and staff across the University.

It is important for all students, faculty and staff to establish a WUSTL KEY so that each school and the library can move forward with plans to convert additional systems to take advantage of the common user name and password.

University community members who have not created a WUSTL KEY will be prompted to select a WUSTL KEY when they log into those Web applications beginning March 18.

Web applications requiring the use of a WUSTL KEY include Research Gateway, HRMS, AIS, WebSTAC, WebFAC, eGrades and Telesis.

For a complete list of applications supporting the WUSTL KEY or to select your WUSTL KEY, visit

It is beneficial for users to select their WUSTL KEY before March 18, said Ken Trammel, director of application development.

“While the process takes most users less than two minutes to complete, it will still be better to do when you aren’t in a pinch.” Trammel said.

“Introducing the WUSTL KEY as an option in October has helped us to streamline the selection process, but we welcome additional input and have staff available to help anyone who has questions. Contact numbers for help are included in the online instructions,” he said.

For more information on WUSTL CONNECT, contact Trammel at 935-8332 or