Other transportation alternatives

Other transportation alternatives exist that can help the WUSTL community overcome problems caused by changes in Metro service.

RideFinders car pooling and van pooling: RideFinders is a regional rideshare program that helps commuters find other commuters for car pools or van pools. Visit ridefinders.org for information. Employees also can set up their own car pools with neighbors or friends who work at the University.

Currently, Ridefinders has established School of Medicine van pools from Washington, Union and Festus, and employees have expressed interest in starting new van pools from St. Charles/St. Peters and from the Sullivan/Cuba area.

WeCar car-sharing program: With car sharing, WUSTL community members can have a vehicle when they need one if they take alternate transportation to campus. Registration is free and required to participate in the program. To reserve a car, visit wecar.com/wustl. The hourly rate is $10 for a Toyota Prius and $12 for a Ford Escape. Cars can be rented overnight for $15.

Guaranteed Ride Home: Employees and students must be registered with Citizens for Modern Transit to participate in this program. The program enables those who take MetroBus or MetroLink, walk or ride their bicycle to work to take a discounted taxi ride home up to four times per year if they or an immediate family member becomes sick or if they have unexpected, unscheduled overtime. Visit cmt-stl.org for more information.

Cycling to work: Bicycle racks are located around the campuses for the convenience of employees who choose to bike to work.