Managing multiple generations is topic at Olin Business School seminar

Can baby boomers work with Gen X and Y employees?

What’s a manager to do with a workforce that spans four generations?

It’s a new challenge as older workers find it necessary to delay retirement or re-enter the job market while Gen X and Gen Y — the millennials — begin their careers. Human resources expert Nancy Ahlrichs will lead a full day seminar on “Managing the Different Generations” June 16, 2009 at the Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis.


Based on extensive ongoing research, consulting to public and private companies, and her own past management experience, Nancy Ahlrichs will discuss how to attract, motivate, manage and retain four generations in the workplace. Ahlrich will provide in-depth insights into the four generations, including their motivators and values. She will contrast traditional managerial approaches with those that work today including changes in approaches to employee retention for all generations.

Nancy Ahlrichs is the Vice President of Workforce Development and Diversity for United Way of Central Indiana. For over six years, she was president of EOC Strategies, LLC, an Indianapolis-based human resources consulting firm specializing in increasing client profitability and customer satisfaction through Employer of Choice strategies and branding.

The seminar, which is part of the Olin Partners’ Program series, will cover the following topics:

  • What is an Employer of Choice and why are they more profitable?
  • Managing today: the five competencies of Managers of Choice
  • What makes each generation tick? Who’s who and why?
  • What does it take to attract and retain the best from each generation?
  • Building teams across four generations
  • Coaching for consistent performance
  • Attendance or performance: five steps to engaging all generations

This seminar is geared towards CEOs and their C-level designates as well as senior-level Human Resources and Organization Development professionals. The content is strategic and is intended to result in higher levels of organizational engagement, productivity and profitability. The Olin Partners’ Program seminars are held at the Charles F. Knight Executive Education Center on the University’s Danforth campus.

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