Danforth Campus parking changes for 2010-11

Faculty, staff and students who park vehicles on the Danforth Campus must renew their permits for the upcoming 2010-11 academic year. Permits can be renewed online at parking.wustl.edu or at the Parking and Transportation Services office in North Campus.

Permits for the 2009-10 academic year expire Wednesday, June 30.

Those who wish to renew their Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, North Campus and Official Business permits will see a slight increase in price for the 2010-11 school year. Permit prices for 2010-11 can be found in the listing below.

The prices of other permits will remain the same.

The Off-Site Permit, which provides spaces on parking lots on West Campus or North Campus for those who work elsewhere on the Danforth Campus, stays at $15 per year and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis with a maximum of 200 permits.

Bearly Drivers Carpooling Permits. Through the Bearly Drivers program — a less expensive option — full-time employees of the Danforth, North and West campuses can work together to form a carpool online at parking.wustl.edu. The more employees in the carpool, the more money employees can save.

Joe Angeles

2009-10 Danforth Campus parking permits expire Wednesday, June 30. Passes for 2010-11 can be renewed online at parking.wustl.edu.

The annual parking permit fee for a carpool of two members is $200, reducing the cost of parking to $100 per person per year. The yearly fee is $100 for a three-member carpool (approximately $33 per person per year), and $50 for a carpool with four or more members (approximately $12 per person per year for a group of four).

Carpool participants will receive two free daily yellow parking permits each month, have access to priority parking, and are eligible for monthly and yearly drawings for prizes. Employees must register their carpools with the Danforth Campus Parking & Transportation Office to receive benefits. For more information, visit parking.wustl.edu/bearlyDrivers/bearlyDrivers.htm.

The Occasional Parking Program price of $2.50 per day also will not change. This program is designed to provide an occasional, reduced-cost daily parking option for those who normally use an alternate mode (walk, bike, public transit and carpool) for their commute. The Occasional Parking Program will make a set number of discounted daily passes available annually for purchase by individuals enrolled in the program. For more information, visit parking.wustl.edu/occasional.htm.

The Motorcycle Permit ($15 per year) also will remain the same for the 2010-11 school year, as will the Monthly Permit ($100) and Evening Permit ($102).

WUSTL also offers students, faculty and staff additional cost-effective alternatives to using a personal vehicle to commute to and from campus.

The university provides each benefits-eligible employee and full-time student with a complimentary U-Pass, which allows the holder unlimited use of Metro buses and MetroLink as an alternative method of transportation to and from campus. This benefit helps keep hundreds of cars off the roads daily, which reduces carbon emissions along with the need for parking. For more information on this benefit, visit parking.wustl.edu/metro.htm.

The WeCar car-sharing program provides a means of transportation for those who might typically commute via public transportation, bicycle or foot. Reduced rates for WeCar are planned for the 2010-11 school year. For more information, visit parking.wustl.edu/wecar.htm.

For more information about renewing a permit or a parking program, contact Parking and Transportation Services at 935-5601 or parktrans@wustl.edu.

Parking permit prices for the academic year 2010-11

Red — $1,047
Yellow — $459
Blue — $459
Brown — $459
North Campus — $243
Official Business — $450
Off-Site — $15
Motorcycle — $15
Monthly — $100
Evening — $102
Occasional Daily — $2.50
Daily — $5
Bearly Drivers carpool (per permit, two people) — $200
Bearly Drivers carpool (per permit, three people) — $100
Bearly Drivers carpool (per permit, four or more people) — $50