New bachelor of science in health care offered through University College

A new bachelor of science in health care will be offered this fall semester at University College, the adult, evening and continuing education division in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis.

The degree program, which begins with the start of the semester Aug. 31, provides an academic foundation for students pursuing managerial, clinical or research careers in health care.

The program includes a base of core courses that examine scientific, social, political, economic, ethical and organizational issues in health care, as well as address implications for individual practice and public policy.

This required core, drawn largely from Arts & Sciences, underscores the complex, interdisciplinary nature of health care today, and the need for critical thinking, contextual understanding and ethical behavior across all related fields and careers.

Once grounded in these common questions and skills, students then pursue more specialized professional interests by selecting a concentration in either health-care management or health sciences.

“Washington University is known everywhere for the quality of its health care and related research. This new degree will give all students in the St. Louis region a chance to participate in this great enterprise, and to prepare themselves for rewarding careers in the field,” says Robert E. Wiltenburg, PhD, dean of University College.

“With the nationally renowned and distinguished faculty at Washington University and talented adjunct instructors from the St Louis community, the new bachelor of science in health care equips students with an academic foundation for graduate or professional school, or for work in a variety of health-care professions,” Wiltenburg says.

For more information about the bachelor of science in health care in University College, visit or call (314) 935-6700.

About University College:
Originally founded in 1853 to serve the diverse educational needs of the St. Louis area, Washington University continues to grow and thrive more than 150 years later. The first educational step of the university in 1854 was to establish an evening program. Washington University Extension, addressing the needs of local teachers, was begun in 1908, and, after much expansion and diversification, became University College in 1931. Then and since, people of all ages attend Washington University through University College, earning associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, or certificates, or taking courses for personal enrichment.