New HRMS self-service features reduce paperwork, save time for employees

2010 has seen many new capabilities added to the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) Employee Self Service, and more are on the way.

These new features allow WUSTL employees to more easily and quickly manage their benefits and human resources records. They also promote sustainability by reducing the amount of paperwork required to make certain changes.

Reporting time off

This past summer, a new HRMS time reporting capability eliminated the need for WUSTL offices to maintain paper time cards to track hours an employee worked.

Instead, employees enter hours worked each time period online, and records are kept through the HRMS website.

This reduces paper waste and redundant data entry, ensures accuracy of information, and allows for the automatic calculation of employees’ accrued vacation days and sick time.

To track time, employees can log into HRMS, visit “Employee Self Service” and then “Time Reporting.”

Online benefits enrollment/changes

As of this past summer, new employees can enroll in their benefits online through Employee Self Service in HRMS, rather than having to fill out paper documents.

Human Resources representatives still are available to assist new employees with understanding their WUSTL benefits and with the enrollment process of either online or paper.

Current employees can add or delete family members from health plans, flexible spending plans and life insurance plans through HRMS in the case of four specific family status change events: marriage, birth, adoption and divorce.

Beginning later this fall, employees will be able to go through HRMS to change beneficiaries for MetLife life insurance policies through WUSTL.

During the annual open enrollment period Nov. 1-30, employees will be able to go through HRMS to enroll, continue or makes changes to health/dental or dental-only plans, health- and child-care flex spending plans, Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Retirement Medical Savings Accounts (RMSA) for the calendar year 2011.

Tutorials showing how these changes can be made through HRMS will be held during open enrollment informational meetings throughout WUSTL campuses in November.

During open enrollment in November, Human Resources also will make computer rooms available for employees to use to make changes or enroll in benefits with representatives from the benefits team on hand to help answer questions about open enrollment through HRMS.

Next spring, capabilities will be added to HRMS to allow employees to make benefits changes related to status changes, such as a move from part-time to full-time, and other family status events, such as adding a spouse to health insurance if he or she loses health insurance coverage.

Personal benefits statements and summaries also can be found under “Benefits” in the Employee Self Service section of HRMS.

Talent Acquisition Management

Recruiting talented faculty and staff to Washington University became easier this past summer with Human Resource’s new Talent Acquisition Management (TAM) system.

Under the new system, which is designed to be user-friendly, information can be automatically transferred between TAM and HRMS. This allows for current university employees to search and apply for transfer opportunities through HRMS.

Internal candidates can access job opportunities selecting “Careers” under the Employee Self-Service menu.

By applying through HRMS, internal candidates can reduce the amount of information they would otherwise need to enter into the system, such as name, address and education, when applying for a position. It also pulls other information from HRMS, such as training courses the applicant has participated in, and identifies the applicant as internal.

External candidates can access and apply through TAM at

The system also will streamline the administrative work required during the hiring process for hiring managers and administrators. Users can send mass or individualized e-mails to applicants through TAM by simply clicking a box. This eliminates the need to copy and paste e-mail addresses into individual’s university e-mail systems.

After an applicant is hired, his or her information is automatically transferred from TAM to HRMS, reducing the amount of data entry required for entering new employees’ information on-line.

Electronic form I-9

Beginning later this fall, Human Resources will move to an electronic Form I-9 through HRMS. This form is required for new employees and shows their eligibility to work in the United States. This change further streamlines the hiring process, ensures the university is compliant with federal regulations and reduces paper waste.