Retired staff members recognized for their WUSTL service

Tasks took a lot longer when Carole S. Wallace first arrived at University College in Arts & Sciences in July 1969 as a clerk.

“Everything was done by hand; nothing was computerized,” says Wallace, who retired as front desk coordinator for University College this past winter after more than 40 years at Washington University.

“We made appointments by hand, processed registrations by hand, cut stencils for ditto machines to make copies,” Wallace says.

“Now, with technology, everything can be done so much more quickly,” she says. “It’s at your fingertips. If you want to see how many students are registered for a class, it comes up in seconds.”

Wallace, along with the other 88 staff members who retired from the university this past year, contributed a total of 1,664 years of service to the university — more than a millennium.

The contributions of these employees helped make Washington University the exemplary institution it is today, Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton says.

“I am proud of the Washington University community and recognize that the tradition of excellence we enjoy is due in large measure to the support provided to our students and faculty by our staff members,” Wrighton says.

“Our staff are an integral part of the Washington University success story, and I value their service and loyalty,” he says.

Retirees and their lengths of service

Susan J. Adams (17 years); Gail F. Agnew (16 years); Kenneth C. Bardach (5 years); Diane P. Baron (9 years); Sally A. Bartholomew (28 years); Fannie Marie Batt (16 years); Mary Lenore Baumann (9 years); Christen W. Bayless (26 years); William Stuart Beggs (28 years); Anna B. Bobbitt (36 years); Frederic Bovey (16 years); Janet Bowdry (41 years); Lourdes Carreras (9 years); Bessie Doris Carter (21 years); Zhiwei Chen (21 years); Brenda King Christensen (16 years); Kathleen E. Constable (19 years); Fortunata A. Darmody (7 years); Betty J. Davis (15 years); Connie Lavern Davis (37 years); Steven Demartino (10 years); Josephine Dickson (28 years); Diane Sue Disbrow (22 years); William A. Dorsey (11 years); James L. Dover (26 years); Patricia Mary Flynn (7 years); Jan E. Foster (10 years); Mary Margaret Fresta (14 years); James R. Frizzell (11 years); Susan K. Gatchel (11 years); Leonard J. Gibson (28 years); Stuart Goldkind (12 years); Margaret R. Hilpert (28 years); Leon Hofmann (31 years); Erna Marie Holland (28 years); Janice V. Hunt (8 years); Richard L. Jouett (15 years); Terry K. Keebler (27 years); Constance Dale Kerbler (25 years); Janet Irene Kult (11 years); David Lefton (8 years); Richard A. Lessmann (16 years); Terri G. Leyton (13 years); Lennis L. Lich (33 years); Zina Kim Lubovich (28 years); Rosemary J. Lueck (16 years); Anne Barbara Macke (9 years); Geraldine Lee Manasco (28 years); Linda K. Marcus (21 years); Deborah L. Marks (20 years); Jane Elizabeth McConnell (8 years); Sherry L. McCowan (9 years); Iristee S. McKay (9 years); Dale Sean Merlin (13 years); KC Moore Jr. (9 years); Christopher Paganini (5 years); Norma Lee Pena (9 years); Judith Ann Polys (15 years); Patricia Ann Pratt (20 years); Hal D. Procter (28 years); Lenora B. Randolph (25 years); Luberta Rochelle (44 years); Martin A. Rogers (20 years); Jay Gregory Schober (28 years); Rose Mary Schultze (15 years); Peggy Sue Seris (28 years); Dulari Dilip Shah (17 years); Michele W. Shoresman (19 years); Samuel Ray Smith (22 years); Mary M. Stollhaus (23 years); David L. Straight (32 years); Jinwu Sun (6 years); Norma E. Taylor (19 years); Wanda L. Terry (6 years); Vicki L. Touhey (15 years); Nada A. Vaughn (30 years); Donna Rae Vickery (26 years); Kathleen Kelley Vogt (13 years); Judy K. Wagner (10 years); Diane Walker (10 years); Carole S. Wallace (40 years); Patricia M. Wanko (27 years); Tsugie Watanabe (15 years); Victoria Arlene Weir (16 years); Marcia R. Weis (8 years); Reginald Whitaker (31 years); Cornelius Williams (12 years); Glenda Wilson (7 years); and Kyung Cha Yoon (28 years).