The Grove neighborhood gets unique entry sign

The Grove is the 'front door' to Washington University Medical Center

The Grove neighborhood, the “front door” to Washington University Medical Center, gets an entry sign Oct. 12. The 24-foot by 11-foot, double-sided neon sign spans Manchester Avenue just west of Vandeventer Avenue, marking the entrance to the area. The goal of the sign is to attract visitors to the rejuvenated neighborhood as well as to enhance the identity of the Grove as a diverse, appealing and pedestrian-friendly destination.”The Grove has had so much redevelopment and positive energy happening in the past several years that this sign is an indicator to the greater community that the Grove is here to stay,” says Brooks Goedeker, community development manager of Washington University Medical Center Redevelopment Corp. and project manager.Washington University Medical Center Redevelopment Corp. (WUMCRC) is a partnership between BJC HealthCare and Washington University School of Medicine and works to improve the quality of life for the neighborhoods surrounding the medical campus. WUMCRC has invested millions of dollars to improve the quality of life for the neighborhood’s residents and attracting businesses.