Mentoring symposium offered for women of color in higher education

Washington University will offer a symposium to discuss and promote mentorship among traditionally underrepresented women of color throughout its campuses from 11:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 19.

The event — titled “The Importance of Mentoring Relationships in the Careers of Traditionally Underrepresented Women of Color in Higher Education” — will take place at College Hall on the South 40 area of the Danforth Campus.

The symposium is funded through Washington University’s Diversity and Inclusion Grants program and is free to WUSTL employees. Registration and supervisor approval is required by Friday, Nov. 5.

The goals of the symposium include:

  • To spotlight nationally recognized women of color who have benefited from professional mentoring relationships and hearing from them firsthand the value of these relationships not only to the mentor and “mentee” but also to the “mentee’s” employing institution.
  • To inspire underrepresented women of color and senior university administrators at WUSTL to begin institutionalizing in a meaningful way mentoring relationships as a mechanism to foster professional development and institutional retention of talented faculty and staff.

“We expect a great turnout and feel that this program has something of value to offer not only underrepresented women of color, but senior administrators as well,” says Tamara King, JD, director of judicial programs, who helped organize the symposium.

“The entire goal is to address the importance of recruiting and retaining diverse employees at all levels of higher education institutions,” King says. “If Washington University can be viewed as a leader and takes on an active role in this arena, we all stand to benefit.”

For more information or to register for the event, visit or e-mail King at