New High School Summer Institutes offered at Washington University

Three new three-week Summer Institutes for high school students will be offered at Washington University in St. Louis in 2011.

The High School Summer Institutes — one of which focuses on creative writing, one on Japanese popular culture and one on pre-medical topics — are part of Washington University’s High School Summer Experiences program in Arts & Sciences.

Through the institutes, students spend three weeks at WUSTL exploring their interests while living on campus or commuting from home. The institutes are as follows:

  • The Creative Writing Institute (June 12-July 2, 2011) provides students with an opportunity to write fiction, poetry and nonfiction under the tutelage of an experienced writer. Students will receive constructive criticism of their work and will embark on independent writing projects led by accomplished writers.
  • The Japanese Popular Culture Institute (July 5-July 23, 2011) explores the many facets of modern Japan, including anime, manga, karaoke and cosplay. Students will learn about the important social, historical and cross-cultural contexts from which Japanese popular culture sprang through an overview of Japanese language, discussions with Japanese studies experts, field trips and film screenings.
  • The Pre-Medical Institute (July 24-Aug. 13, 2011) will introduce students to the world of health care — from current issues to future possibilities. Students will interact with health-care professionals while touring the facilities at the world-renowned Washington University School of Medicine.

“These institutes are diverse enough to appeal to a variety of student interests, yet, at core, they share the same goal of introducing bright and energetic high school students to the possibilities that await in the university environment,” says Rebecca Copeland, PhD, associate dean of University College in Arts & Sciences and director of WUSTL’s Summer School.

To be eligible for High School Summer Institutes, students must have completed their high school sophomore or junior year and have an academic average of B+ or better.

Costs for the program are $4,485 per institute, which includes room and board, or $2,985 for the institute only for local students. Partial financial assistance is available to students who demonstrate financial need.

Fees also cover access to Student Health Services; the use of all library facilities; the use of the Athletic Complex facilities; and most social activities. Travel and personal expenses are not included.

Application deadlines for the Summer Institutes are: Creative Writing Institute: May 6, 2011; Japanese Popular Culture Institute, May 27, 2011; and Pre-Medical Institute, June 17, 2011.

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Washington University’s High School Summer Experiences program provides academically talented high school students with the opportunity to try out college, earn college credit and experience living and bonding with fellow students from around the country and the world.

Through High School Summer Experiences, WUSTL also offers a five-week High School Summer Scholars program on topics ranging from anthropology to biology to Spanish. For more information on High School Summer Scholars program, visit