Summer construction update

The summer months can be quiet on the Danforth Campus, but construction crews are hard at work throughout campus renovating and building to create new and better places to work, study, teach and live.

The following is a list of construction projects taking place on the Danforth Campus this summer. The projects will be completed in August 2011 unless otherwise indicated.

Danforth Campus

Green Hall: Construction for the new 75,200-square-foot building for the School of Engineering & Applied Science, which will contain classrooms, faculty offices and research space, is under way. Workers are completing interior finishes — including painting, flooring and ceiling installation and the installation of audio/visual equipment — and the completion of the stone work on the outside of the building and the installation of sidewalks and landscaping.

Umrath Hall: The complete renovation of Umrath includes the removal and replacement of the roof structure and second floor. Once complete, the building will feature new walls, windows, floor and ceiling finishes, HVAC, fire protection and electrical systems. It is being renovated to achieve LEED Silver certification. Once renovated, Umrath also will be ADA-accessible with the installation of two elevators. Construction is scheduled to be complete by May 2012.

Mallinckrodt Center: Renovation of the existing interiors of the Campus Store, copy center and bank is under way and includes new lighting and ceiling, floor and wall finishes. The remodeling also will accommodate the construction of three pooled classrooms. Renovation of the south entrance to the Mallinckrodt Center will include a new exterior entrance to the Campus Store, landscaping, lighting and signage.

Cupples II Hall: The renovation of Cupples II, which will achieve LEED Silver certification, includes new lighting, fire protection, HVAC, plumbing systems and interior finishes for walls, floors and ceilings. The building will be the home of the College of Arts & Sciences and the Office of Undergraduate Research and also will contain modern pooled classrooms.

South Brookings Hall: The interior renovation of Suite 205 for the Faculty of Arts & Sciences includes new HVAC and electrical systems and new wall, floor and ceiling finishes. Construction is scheduled to be complete in January 2012.

North Brookings Hall: The renovation of the corridors on the first and second floors includes new lighting, sprinkler heads, paint, finishes, stair treads, signage and artwork. Carpet also will be installed on the second-floor corridor.

South 40 residence halls: Installation is under way for complete sprinkler fire protection systems in eight residence halls on the South 40: Hitzeman, Hurd, Myers, Shanedling, Dauten, Rutledge, Lee and Beaumont.

Louderman Hall: Renovations in Louderman 458 and 461 are under way to provide an upgraded 220-seat auditorium and pooled classroom, respectively.

Simon Hall: Renovation of a portion of Simon Hall is under way to provide space for eight faculty offices.

Lopata Hall: The renovation of Lopata 101 auditorium is under way and will include new lighting, furniture, audio/visual systems and ceiling, wall and floor finishes.

Dual bicycle and pedestrian pathway: Construction of a dual path bike and pedestrian lane along Forsyth Boulevard from Hoyt Drive to Wallace Drive is under way. This project is an extension of the existing dual-path system already installed from Skinker Boulevard to Hoyt.

Houston Way fire lane expansion and bicycle path: Construction of a new fire lane and bicycle path from the Houston/Forsyth intersection between Brown and Goldfarb halls to Olin Library is under way. The construction will provide emergency vehicles a second access point to enter the Danforth Campus. The bicycle path will extend from Houston/Forsyth and will be integrated with the fire lane and meet the bicycle-parking node at Olin Library.

Medical Campus

At the Medical Campus, the following construction projects are taking place:

Wohl Hospital and Renard Hospital: Repairs are being made to repair the waterproofing membrane and expansion joints over the MetroLink tunnel, BJC Institute of Health generator room, BJC laundry facilities and shops and Wohl Hospital electrical rooms. Streetscapes will be replaced, and public realm lighting will be added. The project is expected to be completed in January 2012.

Wohl Hospital and Barnard Hospital: This project is for the installation of a new 500kw generator to serve the Wohl Hospital and Barnard Hospital’s emergency power needs. This will alleviate the current Wohl Clinic generator, which will now only serve the Wohl Clinic building. The project is expected to be completed in August 2011.

BJC Institute of Health Center for Musculoskeletal Research Wet Labs: This project is for the design and construction of 11th-floor shell space for the Center for Musculoskeletal Research Wet Labs. The project is expected to be completed in December 2011.